CHIPS Alliance latest events

Ted Marena

Come see us if you are in the bay area on Dec 10 or 11.


Our RISC-V Summit keynote is being done by Zvonimir Bandic on Wednesday at 9:05AM in the SJ Convention Center,


We also have the CHIPS Alliance booth at the RISC-V Summit, booth #123. We will have demos of Chisel/FIRRTL and Python-based open source USB test suite with Cocotb. Register here for an expo only free pass for Tuesday or Wednesday.


Lastly, on January 29&30, we are conducting a Chisel Conference/Workshop in Milpitas, CA. Call for papers and registrations is open now.


Hope to see you at one or both of these events!


Latest CHIPS Alliance news

Ted Marena

In case you missed it, here is a quick summary of our latest news.


Press release announcing new workgroups and milestones.


A CHIPS Alliance sponsored Chisel Workshop in Milpitas. Registrations, CFP and sponsorships are open now.


CHIPS Alliance will have a booth and we have a keynote at the RISC-V Summit taking place on Dec 10-12.


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Ted Marena

Interim Director

CHIPS Alliance



Open Source Design Verification Workshop

Stefan Wallentowitz

Dear everyone,

CHIPS Alliance and Munich University of Applied Sciences are organizing
a workshop "Open Source Design Verification" in Munich on 14-15 November
2019. It is open to everyone to attend and many projects from the CHIPS
Alliance ecosystem will be presenting.

You can find more details and the registration link here:

Registration of talks and presentations will start soon.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wallentowitz

Computer Architecture, Computer Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
Munich University of Applied Sciences
Lothstraße 64, 80335 München, Germany

Welcome to the CHIPS Alliance list - Some info and updates


Thank you for joining the CHIPS Alliance announce list.  I'm from the Linux Foundation and will be helping on the project.  There are a few things going on that I wanted to call your attention to.  

First, we're hosting the inaugural CHIPS Alliance workshop on June 19th.  The workshop will focus on open source hardware, software tools, RTL development and related topics. Presentations will be made by member companies and attendees will also have a forum to propose RTL design and development ideas. Workshop attendees will learn more about our organization and the RTL designs we will be developing. Attendees can network and meet with CHIPS Alliance members and the Board of Directors.  

If you've registered, we're looking forward to seeing you.  If you haven't registered yet, we still have some space:

Second, we're in the process of getting the project's collaborative infrastructure set up.  Per open source best practices, technical discussions will be held in the open.  We've established the initial technical discussion list, and it's open for everyone to join:

We are currently discussing how best to organize groups working on related technologies.  These mailing lists will be available on as these plans come together.

Finally, if you are interested in membership, we welcome a discussion with you.  Please reply to me directly, and I can arrange a call to discuss the details.

We're here to help.  If you have any questions about the CHIPS Alliance or the Linux Foundation in general, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks, and welcome!


Brian Warner
The Linux Foundation
+1 724 301-6171