Updated Event: Monthly Interconnects WG meeting - Friday, 24 July 2020 #cal-invite

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Monthly Interconnects WG meeting

Friday, 24 July 2020
10:30am to 11:30am
(UTC-07:00) America/Los Angeles


Organizer: Dejan Vucinic Dejan.Vucinic@...


Agenda for 7/24:


Title: "Getting started with OmniXtend: A software centric approach”


OmniXtend provides a distributed fault-tolerant cache coherence system
by extending the Tilelink protocol to carry cache coherence
transactions over Ethernet fabrics instead of on-chip memory. As the
protocol evolves, the hardware approach is slow to adapt, resulting in
difficulties in verifying the protocol correctness. This talk describes
a novel two-fold software based approach to address this problem.
OmniXtend protocol verification is simplified using a simple protocol
simulation library and an application. A full system emulation using
QEMU allows accelerating exploration and innovative use of OmniXtend
fabrics. The system emulation allows deploying an OmniXtend compute
node entirely in software alongside hardware implementations. For
example, a hardware accelerator can be verified using compute nodes
implemented using QEMU. The software simulation allows debugging,
stress-testing and improving scalability of the OmniXtend protocol
without needing a large hardware setup. This software-centric approach
will help system architects to build and verify OmniXtend platforms
much faster, paving the way for OmniXtend to be the ubiquitous choice
for building cache-coherent fabrics.








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