Re: [interconnects-wg] Advanced Interface Bus repository is live

Mr. G Madhusudan <mail@...>

I had asked this question earlier when AIB was Intel internal . I know Intel has a roadmap for AIB variants internally. Will Chips Alliance have its own roadmap or will we be tracking Intel's roadmap. We plan to use AIB extensively for hpc designs , so would be useful to know if we need to spend efforts on AIB enhancements.

G S Madhusudan

On Fri, 31 Jan, 2020, 4:35 AM David Kehlet, <david.kehlet@...> wrote:

Hello, the Advanced Interface Bus (AIB) repo is migrated and live under CHIPS Alliance at


The AIB spec in the docs directory now wears a CHIPS Alliance logo as well. The old site now has this readme:

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